July 27, 2022

HATM’s IPO is oversubscribed 57.26x, plans to expand its’ bulk carrier fleets with the use of proceeds

PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk (“HATM”) is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange after conducting an Initial Public Offering and has managed to raise IDR 179 billion in fresh funds from public investors. After setting the shareholder’s public offering price at Rp 160.- per share. The Company’s total Public Offering including Debt Conversion and ESA Program reached Rp 224 billion.

Total Fresh Fund of Rp 179B, with IPO Size of Rp 224B

HATM plans to use all the fresh funds obtained from the market for fleet expansion to meet increasing market demand.
It is known that the results of the initial public offering of shares have oversubscribed as much as 57.26x, which indicates the enthusiasm of public investors in HATM. “We are quite happy with the results of the public offering that have been achieved, getting 57.26x oversubscribers is not an easy thing,” said Mr. Andrew Kam as President Director of HATM.

All fresh funds obtained from the Initial Public Offering will be used by HATM to purchase a new fleet of bulk carrier vessels, due to high market demand, especially in the energy supply chain industry.

“On this occasion, on behalf of the management of the Company, I would also like to thank the Financial Services Authority, the Indonesia Stock Exchange, the Managing Underwriter of PT NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia, as well as all supporting professions and stakeholders of HATM for their trust, and the smooth process of placing HATM on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. .” said Dillon Cosmas as Director of HATM.

As one example, HATM together with PT Dwi Guna Laksana Tbk (DWGL) cooperate in transporting coal supplies to several PLTUs in Indonesia to support the availability of electricity in various regions.

HATM has also served transportation for the nickel plant owned by Tsingshan Group operating in Indonesia. Sam Song – Head of Energy Procurement of Tsingshan Group said “We are happy to work with Habco Trans Maritima because of the fast response, easy discussion, Understanding in communication what we need, and that makes us want to establish a long term partnership with Habco Trans Maritima to support our business in Indonesia.”

“The plan is that the ship that we will buy this year from the IPO proceeds is the same type as the MV Habco Carina. The MV Habco Pioner and Polaris are the same, weighing 30,000 tons, while what will be purchased is the same type as the Habco Carina, weighing 50,000 tons or in. type of supramax ship,” said Andrew Kam, President Director of HATM.

Meanwhile, Habco Trans Maritima (HATM) is a company that specializes in bulk carrier ship operations. HATM is a subsidiary of PT Habco Primatama which has been established since 1991 and is part of an integrated maritime solution. HATM’s parent company, PT Habco Primatama has been established since 1991 and has developed the business of shipping ships from upstream to downstream. Habco Group’s services focus on maritime logistics including but not limited to barging, stevedoring, floating crane, docking, and shipbuilding.


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