February 14, 2023

HATM obtained Rp 150 Billion facility to procure new fleet of bulk carrier vessel

Targeting and anticipating the ever-increasing demand for transportation services, PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk. (“HATM”) entered into an Investment Credit Agreement with PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (“BBCA”) with a total facility limit of IDR 150 billion with a tenor of 5 years.

HATM obtained Credit Limit Facility of totaling 150 Billion Rupiah

HATM budgets a capital expenditures plan to further increase number of operating vessels followed by its Habco Aquila acquisition
Reporting from the HATM Disclosure of Information on 13 February 2023, the purpose of the proceeds from the loan facility will be used by the Company to purchase new fleets of vessels.
There was no significant negative impact on the increase in the Rp 150 billion liability. HATM’s Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) is estimated to only be around 0.26x, still within the limits of a fairly healthy company condition.

“In 2022, HATM’s revenue was only contributed by 3 fleets of ships consisting of 2 handysizes and 1 supramax, namely Habco Pioneer, Habco Polaris, and Habco Carina.


In 2023, we are optimistic that HATM’s financial performance will be even better with the addition of 2 vessels, namely 1 Habco Aquila supramax from the use of the proceeds from the initial public offering which is currently in operation, and 1 new bulk carrier vessel which is planned to be purchased in the near future.”


– Andrew Kam, President Director HATM

It is known that HATM had previously signed a transportation contract that was effective as of January 2023 to run for the next 3 years with PT Dwi Guna Laksana Tbk (“DWGL”) in the past. DWGL’s end customer is the State Electricity Company (PLN) to maintain coal supply levels and energy availability in Java and Bali. In the agreement, it was stated that the amount of cargo transported for DWGL would reach 750,000 MT/year with a potential revenue of up to IDR 110 billion per year. HATM itself is a company that specializes in bulk carrier ship operations which is part of PT Habco Primatama’s integrated maritime solutions. It is known that PT Habco Primatama has been established since 1991 and has developed a sea transportation business from upstream to downstream. Habco Group’s services focus on maritime logistics including but not limited to barging, stevedoring, floating cranes, docking and shipyards.


Sehubungan dengan maraknya penipuan penerimaan calon tenaga kerja, kami menghimbau kepada para pelamar untuk berhati-hati dan waspada terhadap adanya modus penipuan tersebut dalam proses perekrutan calon tenaga kerja yang mengatasnamakan PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk. Bahwa dalam rangka proses rekrutmen/seleksi pegawai darat dan laut yang berlokasi di Pekanbaru, Jakarta, dan Banjarmasin, PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk tidak pernah menggunakan jasa pihak ketiga. Kami melakukan proses seleksi karyawan secara internal dan tidak pernah melakukan pungutan atau permintaan ganti rugi dalam bentuk apapun kepada calon karyawan darat maupun laut. Jika Anda menemukan oknum yang melakukan upaya penipuan ini, segera laporkan kepada kami melalui email corsec@habcomaritima.com.