October 27, 2023

HATM Q3-2023 Quarterly Financials showed stable performance, contributed by constant increase of fleet size

In targeting the potential of the government’s mineral downstream program, PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk. (“HATM”) plans to consistently add to its fleet of vessels and carrying capacity to respond to increasing domestic market demand.

Habco Ankaa as latest panamax to be added to HATM's new bulk carrier fleet rooster

In line with the increase in fleet size, HATM’s Q3-2023 performance is still on an improvement trajectory. HATM managed to record revenue of IDR 391.3 billion, a quarter-on-quarter increase of +49% from the previous period in Q3-2022 of IDR 262.5 billion.
Not only in terms of revenue, HATM’s Net Profit for the Current Period also increased by +20%, where HATM managed to record a Q3-2023 profit of IDR 132.7 billion, whereas the previous Q3-2022 period was IDR 93.9 billion.

HATM recorded deferred docking capital expenditure which was recorded in the Cash Flow Report amounting to IDR 17.3 billion, which represents capital expenditure for docking on 2 HATM fleet vessels in Q3-2023. This caused a decrease in Revenue and Net Profit when comparing Q2-2023 with Q3-2023 because the 2 ships were not operating.

“We carry out docking in a timely manner to maintain the quality of the ship. This is an important part for HATM to support good field operational performance so that we can maintain the level of customer satisfaction. HATM still has plans to expand its fleet and carry out strategic collaborations to increase carrying capacity the Company’s cargo in the future.” – Andrew Kam, President Director of HATM
HATM itself is a company that specializes in bulk carrier ship operations which are part of the integrated maritime solution of PT Habco Primatama. It is known that PT Habco Primatama has been established since 1991 and has developed a marine ship transportation business from upstream to downstream. Habco Group’s services focus on maritime logistics which includes but is not limited to barging, stevedoring, floating crane, docking, and shipbuilding.


Sehubungan dengan maraknya penipuan penerimaan calon tenaga kerja, kami menghimbau kepada para pelamar untuk berhati-hati dan waspada terhadap adanya modus penipuan tersebut dalam proses perekrutan calon tenaga kerja yang mengatasnamakan PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk. Bahwa dalam rangka proses rekrutmen/seleksi pegawai darat dan laut yang berlokasi di Pekanbaru, Jakarta, dan Banjarmasin, PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk tidak pernah menggunakan jasa pihak ketiga. Kami melakukan proses seleksi karyawan secara internal dan tidak pernah melakukan pungutan atau permintaan ganti rugi dalam bentuk apapun kepada calon karyawan darat maupun laut. Jika Anda menemukan oknum yang melakukan upaya penipuan ini, segera laporkan kepada kami melalui email corsec@habcomaritima.com.